Point In Time Recovery tools for PostgreSQL

pitrery 1.5 released

01 Sep 2013

I am very pleased to announce the release of version 1.5 of pitrery. It comes with great features, here is the changelog:

  • Force the checkpoint on pg_start_backup() when possible
  • Support rsync for the base backup. tar remains the default with a new -s option for backup_pitr and the STORAGE configuration variable
  • Save configuration files if they are outside of PGDATA
  • Rename pitr_mgr to pitrery, with a symlink for backward compatibility
  • Make the time based purge compatible with the count purge, allowing to purge backups based on age and keeping a minimum number of backups
  • Make the old WAL purge better by comparing parts of the file name instead of the whole. Bash does not handle well the full file name when converted to a number (too big)
  • Safely purge old .backup files. Always keep .history files
  • Improve documentation
  • Better check the input file in archive_xlog
  • Use rsync to safely transfer to the remote host in archive_xlog
  • Document compression tools options
  • Add a verbose mode to list, with sizes and locations
  • Allow to specify the oid of a tablespace when give path for relocation: -t oid:/new/path or -t name:/new/path is possible

The release is available in the downloads page.