Point In Time Recovery tools for PostgreSQL



pitrery is a set of Bash scripts to manage Point In Time Recovery (PITR) backups for PostgreSQL.

pitrery automates Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) as much as possible with the following goals:

Pitrery has been tested and works with all currently supported versions of PostgreSQL, up to 11 included.

It is free software licensed under the PostgreSQL License.

Quick start

  1. Get the source, edit the config.mk, run make and make install

  2. Run pitrery configure -o pitrery -f [[user@]host:]/path/to/backups (user@host being optional)

  3. Configure WAL archiving (archive_command = 'archive_xlog %p' and friends) in PostgreSQL

  4. Run pitrery to perform your backups and restores