Point In Time Recovery tools for PostgreSQL

pitrery 1.11 released

22 Jun 2016

pitrery 1.11 has just been released.

This new version adds some new features and improvements:

  • Improve how paths are handled so that spaces and weird characters in paths do not make it crash.

  • New action “configure” that creates a configuration file from the command line with options used in most of the use cases.

  • New action “check” to ensure a configuration is correct.

  • New dry run option for the “purge” action.

  • Support the new backup API of PostgreSQL 9.6, with the ability to backup from a hot standby server.

  • Improvements on the documentation, including manpages and French translation.

The CHANGELOG file in the source code contains a more complete list of changes in this version.

The release is available in the downloads page. See the upgrade page for more information.