Point In Time Recovery tools for PostgreSQL

pitrery 2.1 released

31 Mar 2018

pitrery is a set of Bash scripts to manage PITR backups for PostgreSQL.

pitrery automates Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) as much as possible with the following goals:

  • Handle only PITR. log-shipping and replication are out of scope
  • Be as minimally intrusive as possible for archiving

It is free software licensed under the PostgreSQL License and works with all supported versions of PostgreSQL.

This new version adds some new features and improvements:

  • Restrict permissions of backup directories to the user that created them

  • Add options to the check action to verify backup policy and archived WAL files, optionnaly usable with Nagios

  • Add RSYNC_WHOLEFILE and RSYNC_BWLIMIT configuration options to tweak the behaviour of rsync when performing base backups.

  • Some bugfixes

Feedback & contributions are welcome.

pitrery is sponsored by Dalibo, the leading PostgreSQL company in France, providing support, trainings and consulting to its customers since 2005. The company contributes to the PostgreSQL community in various ways, including: code, articles, translations, free conferences and workshops

Check out DALIBO’s open source projects at http://dalibo.github.io

The release is available in the downloads page. See the upgrade page for more information.