Point In Time Recovery tools for PostgreSQL

pitrery 3.0 released

20 Jan 2020

pitrery is a set of Bash scripts to manage PITR backups for PostgreSQL.

New feature

  • Support for PostgreSQL 12

PostgreSQL in this version has changed how recovery configuration is managed. There is be no more “recovery.conf” file:

  • The recovery configuration keys are read from the postgresql.conf file. Upon restoration, recovery.conf settings are written by pitrery at the end of the postgresql.conf file.
  • A “recovery.signal” or “standby.signal” will be used by the restored cluster to know what action to take A new option is declared: RESTORE_MODE (or the “-m” switch). For restoration, it must be set either to “recovery” or “standby”.
  • Multiple conflicting recovery_target* specifications are not allowed. PostgreSQL will make the check on startup.
  • We now advance to the latest timeline by default.

  • Rename “xlog” to “wal”

Since PostgreSQL version 10, “xlog” has been renamed to “wal”. Make this change in pitrery:

  • “archive_xlog” script is renamed to “archive_wal”.
  • “restore_xlog” script is renamed to “restore_wal”.
  • configuration key PGXLOG is renamed to PGWAL.
  • the WAL archive directory ARCHIVE_DIR is set by default to: “$BACKUP_DIR/archived_wal”.
  • deb and rpm packages will maintain symbolic link to old “xlog” scripts.

Getting it

Pitrery tarballs are now on GitHub releases and distribution packages are now available on Dalibo Labs YUM and APT repositories. Details are available in the downloads page.

Pitrery is a Dalibo Labs project maintained by Thibaut Madelaine, Étienne Bersac and Thibaud Walkowiak.