Point In Time Recovery tools for PostgreSQL

pitrery 3.4 released

01 Dec 2021

pitrery is a set of Bash scripts to manage PITR backups for PostgreSQL.


After 10 years of development, pitrery development status is now Long Term Support (LTS). Pitrery won’t have new features but bug fixes and security fixes. Pitrery will supports PostgreSQL version from 9 up to 14. PostgreSQL 15 and following won’t be officially supported.

LTS period will end as of december 2026. Please consider moving to another backup tool like pgBackrest or barman.


  • Support Postgres 14.
  • Packages for CentOS 8, Debian buster and bullseye.
  • Allow to customize recovery_end_commend.
  • Fix rsync options protection.

Getting it

Pitrery tarballs are now on GitHub releases and distribution packages are now available on Dalibo Labs YUM and APT repositories. Details are available in the downloads page.

Pitrery is a Dalibo Labs project maintained by Thibaut Madelaine, Étienne Bersac and Thibaud Walkowiak.